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Our history

It was 2018 when our eldest son began the process of leaving the diapers. At the moment we realized that it was extremely difficult to find a solution that wasn’t a pair of underpants (and even here, finding something simple, without doll print wasn’t easy) or baggy traditional boxers, just like the ones men wear. In other words, in addition to a clear gap in the market, there was a feeling of injustice that the little ones couldn’t have bright boxer shorts like their parents, which is what our boy kept asking for.

We decided to got down to work and started looking for patterns, fabrics, buttons, pediatric advice, strategic advice…finally we started a whole creative process that so often bumped into prices, wrong patterns or simply a lack of courage to move forward. Aware of all the risks, we still remained faithful to two goals: the product would have to be 100% Portuguese, even if that meant higher prices, and the design should be focused completely on the little ones and their development. It was by the end of 2019 that the first models came out of the seamstresses’ hands and that’s when we started the pilot process of size adjustments, photographs, price positioning…this registered brand called Boksers was born, for really cool kids!

2020 was a tough year, but it brought us not only another boy ( he still doesn’t know we already have plans for him to be our new model) but finally the opportunity to share this brand with all of you! November 22nd was chosen as the launch date for our project to start selling , handcrafted from the heart and Made in Portugal!

Only Boys, Cool Boys

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